From the great outdoors and countless recreation opportunities to the vibrant downtown and tight-knit community, there are so many reasons to call the Ludington Area home. And with a thriving economy and growing career opportunities, the time has never been better to take the plunge and LIVE LUDINGTON!
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“I found a place I can call home, and know truly that I can make a difference; that I can walk down the street with no concern for my children’s safety (unless out-of-town drivers are nearby); that I might just find myself in the paper on any given day; and that there’s some weird Polish version of Mardi Gras that seems to only happen at Wesco.

I’m not from here… but I’m glad to be here.”

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“My move happened when countless young people sought a simple, uncomplicated life style and the ability to ‘go back to the land’ to escape urban stress, expensive living, and isolation. After trying in the Detroit area to achieve these goals we forsook the cultural, entertainment, and career advantages of the city, packed a U-Haul, and headed north.”

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Think Big

“Now that we have lived here a few years I continue to be impressed. I especially like living in a community where there are people who are not afraid to be “big” thinkers and talk about and actually make things happen.”

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