The snow is finally starting to melt, and – as temperatures rise and the clouds make way for sunshine – many of us are already starting to plan how we will enjoy the coming summer months along the Ludington lakeshore. But as much fun as those Ludington weekend retreats are, wouldn’t it be great if you could cut out the Sunday drive home? Or the intense competition to reserve your favorite campsite during the best days of summer? Well, if you decided to Live Ludington, you could enjoy all the things you love about vacation all summer long.

Check out the testimonials below from Ludington local who love to play the tourist in their own home town. And – if you think Ludington living might just be for you – check out our Live Ludington website for all the information you need to start your relocation journey.

Our family of 5 is quite skilled at vacationing in our hometown. Whether it be a trip to “our spot” on the beach along M-116, or grabbing “our table” at Chuck Wagon, our kids always find trips around Ludington an adventure. A gift this community has given us is the ability to instill in our children an appreciation for the rich history and variety of natural playgrounds that surround us. Kayaking in Ludington State Park and hiking its trails, boating and fishing in nearby lakes and rivers, and sightseeing are some of their favorite pastimes. And, at the end of a long journey there is really nothing like taking the SS Badger into its beautiful port in your hometown. New Ludington adventures await, even for this family who has lived here for nearly 20 years.


Jocelyn Teske | CTE Counselor

West Shore ESD

Fine dining? In Ludington it can consist of an impromptu picnic at Stearns Park. We grab some food “to-go” from a local restaurant and head down to stroll the beach and watch an amazing sunset. Or, my favorite, is a trip to get fresh fish at Bortell’s, then eating it overlooking Lake Michigan.

A shoreline stroll often nets beautiful stones and an occasional piece of beach glass. No suits required. No dress required. Heck, I’ve even been known to be in a bathing suit.

That’s fine dining in Ludington!


Heidi Urka | First Grade Teacher

Ludington Area Schools

Do you love live music? Ludington’s music scene is surprisingly impressive for a small town. Sit in and play with friendly local musicians in a low-key setting at the nationally recognized Mitten Bar, or sit back and enjoy one of many touring bands that take to the Mitten Stage almost weekly. With more than a dozen downtown destinations that feature regular live music and a local college with an awe-inspiring music program, you’re sure to find something that inspires and entertains.


Chris Van Wyck | Brand Manager

Engine Creative

Ludington has long been a destination for cyclists who enjoy exploring the outdoors. The area boasts picturesque shoreline routes with sand dune panoramas, scenic wooded trails winding throughout the surrounding Manistee National Forest, and miles of idyllic rural country roads. With the rising popularity of year-round fat-tire biking, gravel road riding, and bikepacking, new adventures are opening up that are only limited by your imagination.

Living in Ludington allows for 365 days of biking and outdoor recreation. With scenic road rides, family friendly treks, and 4 seasons of far tire riding including the newly groomed trails, ther is no limit to what can be accomplished on your bike in this area.


Sara Kronlein | Outdoor Enthusiast