These workshops are designed to help you delve deep into a number of topics which we hope will benefit you in your business endeavors. The Chamber has worked diligently to receive suggestions and develop a robust schedule of topics that would be of interest to our members.

Fall 2020 events will be held virtually with facilitators from Our Community Listens.

Sept. 30 (1 p.m.) – Connecting in a Changing World: Many of us feel like we are experiencing change upon change upon change right now. In this webinar we will explore what predictable stages people go through when confronted with change, and what role we as people-centered leaders can play.  We will also learn how to respond when we find ourselves, our employees, or our customers experiencing an imbalance of logic and emotion. REGISTER

Oct. 28 (1 p.m.) – Why Reflective Listening and Empathy are Critical Business Skills: Feeling heard and understood is a powerful gift that we can extend to the people in our span of care.  Let’s spend time understanding what true empathy is, how to develop that skill in ourselves, and identify barriers we may have. We will also explore how to listen to our employees and customers in a way that builds trust and rapport. REGISTER

Nov. 18 (1 p.m.) – Creating a Culture of Feedback and Recognition: One of the main reasons that employees are unhappy in their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated for their contributions. On top of that, we as employers often find ourselves only providing feedback to our employees when it’s to address a behavioral issue.  In this webinar, we will explore how to create a culture where positive and constructive feedback are done consistently and in a way that makes our employees feel valued. REGISTER

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