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MyNorth Spotlight on Downtown Ludington Growth

MyNorth recently published an article titled “What’s New on the Ludington Food & Beer Scene,” highlighting the exciting growth of the foodie and craft beer scene in the Ludington Area. Obviously, we thought this was a great article and want to share it as broadly as possible. So check out the article below, and – more importantly – head to Ludington for some great food & drink!

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IN DEMAND | Top 25 Skilled Trades Jobs That Don’t Require a Four-Year Degree

The State of Michigan recently launched its “Going Pro” campaign to promote careers in skilled trades as a viable alternative to traditional four-year degree programs. The often touted selling points used to encourage students to pursue careers in skilled trades are two-fold. First, skilled trades jobs often require less schooling than other fields, which means those who pursue these occupations usually spend a lot less time in school. A highly motivating factor for many students….


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