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Where To Meet People?

Young or old, it is probably the most common question that is asked when you move to a new area…. Not only where, but how do you meet people? In an age that is driven so much by digital interaction, do people really even talk to one another anymore? The short answer is yes, and in this neck of the woods, we enjoy the “good ole’ fashion” way to communicate. We get together at the “local hot spots” and get involved in the local culture. Here are just a few of those hot spots we recommend for ‘mingling’ with the locals.

The Mitten Bar
Nothing brings people together like a good beer. With a growing craft beer scene, the Mitten Bar has a cozy, friendly atmosphere to meet new people and share a cold one in the Ludington Area. Weekly events like Knittin’ at the Mitten and Mug Club Wednesdays are great opportunities to meet new people.

Ludington Boat Club & Yacht Club: Both the Ludington Boat Club and Ludington Yacht Club offer a chance for boating enthusiasts to come together and share their passions in a social setting.

Garden Club: The Mason County Garden Club’s mission is to stimulate a knowledge and love of gardening while encouraging the protection of our environment and conservation of our natural resources. The Garden Club hosts annual Garden Walks and different events for garden enthusiasts to enjoy.

Ludington Crossfit & Running Club: Workout fanatics and health nuts will enjoy the tight-knit community at Ludington Crossfit, a newer form of intense group exercise. Daily workouts and fun events make for a great way to meet people who share your fitness passion. The Running Club is a drop-in club of runners who run weekly and work out to become better athletes and runners together.

“After leaving a large metropolitan city, where my wife and I were fully engaged with the arts and music scene, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Ludington community teeming with artists and musicians. The new creative friends that I have made have not only empowered me personally, but my whole family. I feel more free than ever before to leave my comfort zone and explore new and exciting creative pursuits.”


Chris VanWyck

Ludington Resident and Business Owner

Pickle Ball: Pickle ball is a fun way to get outside, get some exercise and meet new people in the community. The courts are located on Tinkham Ave. by Oriole Field. Open play is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-11am during warm weather.

shorelineWeekly Bike Rides: Shoreline Cycling Club hosts weekly community bike rides that are a fun, active way to meet new friends and neighbors. The women’s ride is Tuesdays at 6pm and the men’s ride is Wednesdays at 6pm. Try the Slow Roll 2nd & 4th Thursdays. For ride locations and special events, check out Shoreline Cycling Club on Facebook.

Ludington & Scottville Senior Centers: Both Ludington and Scottville have Senior Centers that create opportunities for area seniors to share in creative, recreational and educational experiences. Seniors can enjoy trips, card clubs, parties, crafts, exercise and entertainment.