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Shopping & Dining

Vibrant, joyful, celebratory. It’s a quick, three-word description of Ludington’s shopping and dining district. After all, it’s located in the midst of a beautiful and thriving area and there is much to celebrate. However, the backstory to the atmosphere of Ludington’s business community is this: Most of the stores, restaurants and service businesses are owner-operated (and multi-generational, by the way) or staffed by locals. And, they are all committed to serving and engaging with their customers, many of whom are neighbors, the community at large, and the thousands of visitors who come here from around the globe each year.

In terms of our dining experiences, from coffee houses to ice cream parlors, brewpubs to ethnic restaurants, fast food chains to fine dining with take-your- time-and-enjoy-the-meal ambiance, you’ll find all of your dining wishes fulfilled in Ludington. This is a resort community, after all, and proprietors know the importance of a good meal-savored slowly or on the run.

Lupe Rangel credits his hometown community for contributing to the wild success of his new restaurant, The Thai Mango. And of course his wife’s superb cooking.

A Ludington native, Rangel spent 11 years in the Army Special Forces in overseas posts, including Thailand, where he met a woman named Ning and married her in 2001. They returned to the United States in 2004 and worked a few years in Grand Rapids, but they were drawn back to his hometown to fulfill a dream of opening a take-out Thai restaurant.

Rangel moved into his restaurant May 15 and opened 10 days later. An early indication of success, Rangel ran out of 80 percent of his first week’s food supply on the first day and sold out of food on the second day. And business has been booming ever since.

“Everything fell into place. It was the right time for a restaurant, but a long time coming. I couldn’t imagine it would take off like it did.”

Lupe Rangel

Thai Mango Owner