Site Selection

Are you seeking a location for your next business venture in Mason County?  The Mason County Growth Alliance team is ready to work with you in finding that perfect piece of property for a new build, or existing build-out for your business venture.  At the MCGA, we can assist in:

1. Brainstorming and Site Opportunities:

Our team can help you navigate the state, regional and local incentives and approval process while also assisting you in brainstorming available properties we have direct access through with our Real Estate and Industry partners.


2. Utilities & Infrastructure:

Depending on the needs your business, only a handful of area properties may work for your venture based on your utility and municipal service needs.  We can tap into our local resources to assist you in finding the abbreviated list, moving your process along at a faster and more efficient pace.


3. We are working with you in our expansive economic development network:

With so many area affiliates and partners working with the MCGA team, we have a huge knowledge base that can guide you and your business venture to a successful site.  Whether is it a tourism based business, manufacturing, service or healthcare, we can connect you to entities that will be invaluable in determining your final business location.


Ready to sit down and talk with us?  We are ready to start working with you!

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