For the first time ever, Metalworks of Ludington has launched a direct-to-consumer website with a new product line for the home office.

GO2 Work from Home showcases a smart collection of furniture that combines the durability you have come to expect from Metalworks, combined with colors and styles to create a functional, modern workspace in the home.

Metalworks, Inc. has been a staple in Ludington for 50 years as a manufacturer of home office furniture, and it continues to employ 200 workers in the community. As the Coronavirus pandemic unfolded in 2020, the local fabricator pivoted its business model to prioritize and inspire a growing population of employees working from home during the past year.

“This was really born out of our need,” said JoelZwier, Metalworks vice president of sales and marketing. “It happened so fast that many of us were using the kitchen table, or the couch, or the spare bedrooms as work settings to remotely access Metalworks’ computer system with their laptops. These settings were not ideal, nor sustainable, if working from home became the norm.

“As we saw the need (for home-office equipment), we knew others would have that need as well. This involved creating settings for people everywhere–from those who need a simple desk and chair, to family settings that are used by kids for school and parents for work, to technical engineers who need large displays and connectivity.”

The GO2 website features chic and affordable desks, storage, seating and accessories, designed to coordinate with home decor. Also selectable are a number of home-office bundles incorporating various pieces. A motorized, height-adjustable standing desk, available in three sizes, is featured on the GO2 home page. Choose your size, color and finish with the click of a button.

“Some people don’t think about storage in this electronic paperless age, but it is essential for home offices,” Zwier added. “Everyone has important materials that are private and don’t need to be seen or touched by the kids. Adding the office to your home creates more storage needs, rather than less. Visual clutter raises anxiety levels of many people. Our products are all about organizing and making a peaceful home and office.”

Metalworks prides itself in having a Made in the USA product line, which not only supports American workers, but also lets the company control the quality of its furniture. A manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the products’ date of delivery.

In addition, items are made within five days and shipped quickly, getting furniture to your door in two weeks or less, and shipping is free.

To check out the latest product line or to chat with a representative, head to For bulk orders, contact Joel Zwier at

About Metalworks, Inc.: Metalworks is a family-owned business. Bill Paine purchased the company in 1966, and his son, Tom Paine, is the president. The family has been focused on selling office furniture products since 1977, selling to companies like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Trendway and many others over the years. In 1995, they opened an additional manufacturing facility, Fab-lite, in Manistee, overseen by another of Bill’s sons, Steve Paine. In 1997, a commercial dealer channel was developed under the Great Openings brand. Metalworks initiated an online residential furniture brand called GO2 Work from Home in 2020. Metalworks employs 200 people with 120,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Ludington and 80,000 square feet in Manistee.