The founding partners of the Michigan Internship Initiative, Hello West Michigan and the Prima Civitas, have focused the initiative on connecting employers, educational institutions and workforce development, while providing employers with the resources necessary to build a successful internship program. There are several tools and initiatives aimed at connecting interns (talent) to employers, but it is imperative that the right structure is in place to make that connection a success.

The Michigan Internship Initiative has two primary components:


  1. Employer Internship Toolkit – Designed to provide resources for employers to assist with developing and/or enhancing an internship program. The toolkit includes information and templates that will assist with creating and managing internships.
    • The purpose of this toolkit is to:
    • Cover the five (5) steps essential to structuring a successful internship program.
    • Outline each step in detail.
    • Provide templates, resources and information to assist with structuring an internship program.
    • Provide best practices for each step.
  1. Employer Internship Training Sessions (EITS) – In addition to a Michigan Internship Initiative Talent Partner, other presenters at the sessions often include college career service representatives, an employer with a successful internship program, and an experienced intern.

At each session, presenters cover, at a minimum, the following items:

  • Employer benefits for having an internship program.
  • How to connect with education, workforce development and talent.
  • Things to consider before beginning an internship program.
  • How to address cultural and generational differences between incumbent workers and interns.
  • The five steps essential to structuring an internship program.
  • Best practices and frequently asked questions.
  • Additional resources such as career fairs, online tools and networking groups.

Hello West Michigan

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