Mason County Manufacturers Association

The Mason County Manufacturers Association was formed to create a foundation for area Manufacturers to share best practices, share training opportunities, and be a source of support in our quest to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Membership Benefits:

  • Best practice tours at members facilities
  • Consolidated training opportunities targeting:
  • Leadership/Supervisory skills
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Problem solving
  • Computer skills
  • Other areas as identified by members
  • A network of manufacturers to seek input from
  • Assistance with obtaining training grants

M.C.M.A. Objectives:

  • To provide members with a return on their investment in the program
  • To provide members training and tools for continuous improvement
  • To share best practices with the Mason County Manufacturers
  • To provide a unified response to the issues raised by the community
  • To promote manufacturing and the positive impact on the community