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Webinar Wednesdays 

In light of COVID-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings, the Chamber has transitioned its business education programming to virtual sessions, offered to the business community each Wednesday. It is our hope that these online seminars will be informative and helpful to both businesses and individuals.

Upcoming Programming
The Art of Giving Great Service | May 12 (9-11:30 a.m.) | REGISTER

Presented by: ZingTrain

Zingerman’s has set the standard for great customer service in the specialty food industry. This success has come from combining an innovative service philosophy with practical working systems, all of which ZingTrain will share in this workshop. Zingerman’s approach has been successfully applied in a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits that are committed to improving the quality of their customer service, including specialty food and other retailers, universities, banks, insurance agencies, healthcare providers, IT professionals, museums, schools and libraries.


Since becoming a Chamber member several years ago, I have first-hand experienced how valuable its service has been. It has offered me the opportunity to be inducted into the Future Five by its program to recognize upcoming, involved community and business leaders. The monthly Chamber newsletter keeps me informed on new businesses opening in our area as well so I may recognize and support them, and it also provides updates as to the status of existing businesses. Networking events, such as Business After Hours, keep me socially connected with my industry peers and provides an opportunity to form new relationships & the environment to get to know other business leaders in our community.

Alisha Christensen

Smith & Eddy Insurance