The Business Clusters of Mason County

Seven diverse business clusters make up the framework of Mason County and each one highlights various ideals in the spirits of business, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, wellness and more.  Select one of the clusters below to learn more about how your business can fit within the fabric of the community, and learn about other success stories and what we look to achieve in each business cluster.


The Business Culture in Mason County

Rooted in history, fueled by sustainable resources and powered by collaboration of diverse business interests drive the culture of the business community in Mason County.


Mason County maintains a strong business culture centered in manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, healthcare, energy, and entrepreneurship. Our business supportive infrastructure and abundant natural resources have drawn valuable economic opportunities to the area, while providing:

  • Unparalleled Natural Beauty
  • Thriving Year-Round Economy
  • Business Supportive Community
  • Strong Tourism Base
  • Diverse Workforce
  • Family-friendly Community
  • Exceptional Educational Resources
  • Advanced Healthcare Resources


MCGA has built a foundation of strong collaborative partnerships with local, state, and national resources so as to provide the assistance necessary to research, establish, and maintain business activity in our region. MCGA assists business owners and developers with:

  • Location Services
  • Zoning & Planning
  • Financing
  • Business Planning
  • Workforce Development
  • Marketing
  • Mentorships
  • Networking

The cities, villages, townships and county work collaboratively to promote economic development focused on retention, expansion, and attraction of business and industry assets throughout the county.


Since its organization in 1855, Mason County has shown consistent evolution of its business and manufacturing landscape. Like many of its coastal neighbors, Mason County and the Ludington area saw the “lumber boom” of the mid/late 1800s, paving the way for population, trade, transportation and industrial foundation, which continues to support the business community today. The region has maintained a vast and diverse offering of manufacturing, small and large businesses, state of the art health care facilities and services, as well as a vibrant tourism and vacation economy.