Welcome to Mason County

Welcome to Mason County, Michigan, a business and development ready community with ample resources for new and existing businesses. Imagine working where you love to play. Our Northern Michigan community-focused, coastal town offers a unique backdrop for living and working in a picturesque region with abundant natural resources and opportunities that support an active lifestyle.


Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce

Want to join a dynamic group of business professional focused on community wide success for Mason County? The Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce is your guide for navigating business resources and networking in the Mason County community. The collaborative efforts of our organization, with both local and regional partners, allow us to provide valuable and relevant assistance to meet the needs of our diverse membership. Join today to access all of the benefits of membership and connect with our supportive network of business professionals.

119 S. Rath Ave.: Ludington, MI 49431
Phone: 231.845.0324 | Fax: 231.845.6857
Email: chamberinfo@ludington.org

The Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce is a worthwhile investment for any business, big or small. Whether you are starting a business, need a boost, or are stretching your existing business potential, our local Chamber of Commerce is a must-have in your toolbox of marketing and networking. In today’s challenging business climate, the Chamber can be a great resource with all of its educational series, lunch and learns, and other functions that create a very valuable network of people that can be so beneficial to small business owners all the way up to large corporations that call Ludington and Scottville home.

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Safe Harbor Credit Union

Ludington Daily News a proud vision member
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Chamber Networking Programs

The Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce is the area’s business leader in networking and business development. Through our broad range of programs, we connect business leaders throughout the region.  Explore our top networking programs and get involved with your Chamber of Commerce.

We Welcome You to Explore the Area!

Is it your first time in the Ludington and Mason County Area? If so, we recommend you check out any one of our travel and relocation guides that will showcase the the top attractions and locations in the area.  You may also request a copy of any of our publications and resources for your own records/collection.

Relocation Guide

This in-depth 100+ page booklet will take you through a deomographic overview of the region, snapshot of our housing and the neighborhoods in the region, summary of our world class healthcare and award winning public and private school districts.





Destination Guide

80 pages of awesomeness!  This great travel resource is the areas official visitors guide.  Complete with full color maps, gps coordinates to all of the areas top attractions, restaurant reviews and dining guide along with travel ideas, fall color tours and much more!  View online or request your copy now!





Welcome to Pure Ludington

Find your business landing in Pure Ludington.  The Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber and our area partners are ready and eager to assist you in relocating,starting and expanding your business ventures in this area.

Contact our experienced team now to get started:

119 S. Rath Ave.
Ludington, MI 49431

Phone: 231.845.0324
Fax: 231.845.6857