**Leadership Mason County has been rescheduled for 2023. Look for information to come on a startup date in the fall of 2023.

Purpose & overview

The Leadership Mason County Program is a comprehensive six-month program hosted by the Ludington & Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce as a forum for potential and current leaders to develop leadership skills and gather awareness of trends, challenges and issues that face Mason County.


  • Identify and motivate future leaders
  • Acquaint participants with community needs and problems while identifying ways to affecting change.
  • Give participants an opportunity to meet current community leaders, associate in a meaningful way with their peers, and become motivated to greater involvement.
  • Develop personal leadership skills in order to maximize contributions to employers, organizations and the community.
  • Create an ongoing forum for participants to gather and exchange ideas.


Our local Chamber gives businesses and business professionals a lot of opportunities to succeed in our community. In the Mason County Leadership Program, we learned a lot about area businesses that I didn’t know before. We learned about their impact in their industries, as well as their impact on our community that I found eye-opening. We have some unique businesses that are doing a lot behind the scenes to help their employees and our community succeed. Also, the LEADs group helped me grow professionally, creating synergies with other business professionals wanting to grow their business. Meeting regularly and creating connections and ‘leads’ for our business benefits not only my credit union but also the businesses of those who attended regularly.

Kyle Gurzynski

Filer Credit Union