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Economic Development Survey

Chamber Alliance Launches Economic Development Survey

(Mason County, MI) – In an effort to learn residents’ thoughts on the community and how to improve quality of life, the Chamber Alliance of Mason County has developed a survey for people living and working in Mason County.

This economic development survey asks county residents—whether full time or seasonal—to weigh in on the challenges and opportunities of living here and ways the community could be improved. Economic development includes both business and community development and covers almost all aspect of life for residents of the county.

The 10-question survey takes just 5-10 minutes to complete and provides opportunities to share additional information if desired.

“We need to hear what people are experiencing and what they would like their community to look like both in the short-term and a generation from now,” says Kristi Lucas-Zimmerman, economic development director for Mason County.  “There are so many connotations of the word ‘development’ that we need to ask more specific questions about community needs and opportunities. Some people think development means urban sprawl or some other type of dramatic transformation where the community is no longer recognizable. That is not what development has to be, and we want input so we can make thoughtful plans to leverage our strengths, combat our challenges and create the kind of development that improves people’s lives.”

The Economic Development Committee of the Chamber Alliance will use the survey results to help create a vision for economic development for Mason County that will guide efforts moving forward. Anyone who has questions regarding the survey may contact Lucas-Zimmerman at or (616) 970-8978 for more information.

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