Economic Development in Mason County

The Mason County Growth Alliance is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of attracting, expanding and retaining business and industry in Mason County. Our collaborative efforts with local, state, and national resources allow us to provided the assistance necessary to research, establish, and support, business activity in our region.

Please reach out to us if you are considering Mason County for a new business location, are considering expanding a current business, or would like to consult with us regarding your current business concerns. We are here to provide support, educate, and provide resources to help you meet your business goals.

Contact us at 231-845-0324 or by email at

Mason County is home to a diverse economy comprised of a strong manufacturing base, world-class healthcare systems, and a deeply-rooted tradition of agricultural excellence. Beyond that, the quality of life and collaborative mindset that the local community has to offer is second to none.


The County is situated in West Michigan along the Lake Michigan shoreline with easy access to the major metropolitan areas in Michigan and the Midwest Region. Driving distances to the larger metro areas are as follows:


Grand Rapids 1hr 28min 

Traverse City 1hr 50 min

Chicago 3hr 47min 

Detroit 3hr 36 min

Learn about us

The Mason County Growth Alliance is the economic and business development authority in the region. Learn why we have the tools to assist you and your business ventures in this region.


Business Clusters

Explore all aspects of business in the Mason County area.  From Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Entrepreneurs and Energy, our team has packaged resources for all types of new and existing businesses.


Mason County Data

Looking for hard data to justify business relocation, development or expansion?  If this does not contain your desired information, the MCGA team has direct access to State and regional data centers.


Start and Grow…

Understanding where to begin and how to grow is critical in todays business climate.  Our business development team can take you and your business to the next level.