Stop Surviving | Start Living 

Are you tired of the daily grind? Waking up in the morning and fighting rush hour traffic to get to the office on time? And looking forward to that one week or weekend in the summer that you get to spend relaxing on the beach or hiking trails in Ludington, where the pace of life is little more manageable? The time is now to stop surviving, and to start living. Live Ludington!

And there has never been a better time to make the move to Ludington. Our business community is growing, opportunity in the job market is increasing, there are more social and cultural opportunities than ever, and – of course – let’s not forget about the world-class recreation opportunities right in our backyard. Check out the information below, and picture your new life in the Ludington area. Or click the link to view our Relocation Guide, your one-stop for all the information you need to jump start your life on the lakeshore.


“I found a place I can call home, and know truly that I can make a difference; that I can walk down the street with no concern for my children’s safety (unless out-of-town drivers are nearby); that I might just find myself in the paper on any given day; and that there’s some weird Polish version of Mardi Gras that seems to only happen at Wesco.

I’m not from here…  but I’m glad to be here.”

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Chad Rushing






Welcome to Pure Ludington

Find your family, your business, and your life landing in Pure Ludington.  The Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber and the Mason County Growth Alliance are ready and eager to assist you in relocating,starting and expanding your business ventures in this area.

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